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Project Description
An update to the default MVC Web Application that provides WSAT functionality, including manipulation of Membership, Roles, and Profiles.

MVC WSAT is a simple tool to manage users, roles, and profiles. Its an update to the standard MVC Web Application.

Required: Joe Wrobel's WebProfile Builder:

By default it creates an Administrator role containing a user named Administrator with a password of @dmin001.

One handy tip - export it as a template (File->Export Template) so you can use it as the base for future projects.

Its a work in progress. However, figured I'd go ahead and release it because there appears to be a need.

I've kept the standard user registration intact for those who still want it. Instead of reusing the existing AccountController I copied some of the code with the idea that you can delete the existing registration tools.

Thanks to Joshua Flanagan and his ProfileView control - it doesn't work with MVC but it provided some valuable code for returning the user's profile in a reasonable order.

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